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Does anyone have an HP-46 printer for parts?
05-15-2017, 09:36 AM
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RE: Does anyone have an HP-46 printer for parts?
After a while I took the time to deal with my 46 again, after receiving a complete printer (but not from another 46) from member Ignacio Sanchez.

I thought of simply exchanging the drums, but I wasn't able to take them out and was afraid of doing any damage.

I directly hooked the new printer to my 46 and, besides printing different (but not wong!) things, it was working perfectly.

So, first thing I discovered, there are at least two flavours of the infamous double gear. The one installed in Ignacio's printer apparently doesn't break, and it is fully functional. The color is darker than the one installed in my printer, so it's definitely another material.

So I took out the metal support and simply thought to mount it on my printer but, as it turned out, I was thinking wrong.

Discovery #2: there is a way to supposedly align the entire thing.
There is a raised mark on the white plastic gear;
there is a hole in the double gear, as well as a small arrow.
There is a hole in the metal support. You can align everything.
There is also a tiny dot on the motor gear that you can align with the arrow printed on the double gear.

Only one problem: once everything is aligned perfectly, it doesn't work.

I'm quite tired of this stuff and almost planning to throw everything away. There must be something not so obvious I am missing, but I am stuck now.
I thought I had found a way to do it, but something is still missing.
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