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Does anyone have an HP-46 printer for parts?
05-19-2017, 09:25 AM
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RE: Does anyone have an HP-46 printer for parts?
From the statement "it doesn't work" I assume you mean the printed output is incorrect or misaligned. My assumption anyways.

From latter posts one assumes you are referring to the original printer, now cleaned & parts substituted. If I understand correctly, after earlier repairs it was printing correctly, minus the 2 columns. Might the drum subsequently have rotated on its shaft? Ask as you mentioned being unable to take them out; don't know which printer you meant or both. If you did loosen the 46 drum could it have rotated out of alignment?

I ask due to my experiences/observation with 4 printers:

- all 4: The drum shaft magnet aligns "somewhere" between the 1's & 2's row. Although no precisely centered between the rows. Noticed the striking surface of the print hammers is approx. 1/3 larger than the largest symbol on the drum. Presumably this allows finer adjustment plus compensation for slight variance from exact alignment of other components.

- all 4: When the drum shaft magnet is aligned with its sensor (or close as possible), the motor shaft sensor was exactly inbetween the 2 magnets on the brass motor shaft collar. (acute angle side)

- after cleaning, greasing, reassembling one of my printers, very recently noticed the 46,81,9805 printer service manual. it states the drum magnet should align between the 2's & 3's rows. ... that simply does not match the 4 printers I checked.

- The manual corresponds with the marking alignments you pointed out. Always wondered what that triangle on the original gear was for. Never noticed the mark on the end of the motor shaft until looking at the 46,81,9805 service manual. Aligning the motor shaft mark with the triangle symbol on the gear points the shaft-mark towards the center of double gear rotation. Since the mark is missing from my new gear, verified the aiming of the motor shaft.

- checked 2 of the 4 printers: With the alignment you stated, happened to notice the "jaw" or flat part of the wedge on the motor shaft that strikes the actuating hammers points directly to the right, when viewed from the side. i.e. the jaw would strike or nearly strike the actuating hammers were they pushed forward. Figured there was no need to check the other 2 printers.
--- seems sensible, as on my printers, when the jaw is 90 degrees to the right it is inbetween the 2 magnets on the brass motor shaft collar. I always thought there is a reason the magnets were not 180 degrees apart. i.e. some reason to sense "where" (or reasonable close to where) during the rotation of the motor shaft things happens to be. The "jaw's going to bite" would be a pertinent thing to know; so one would think.

Barring electronic signalling issues/electronics etc. possibly the drum or brass collar may have slipped on their respective shafts? Hopefully that helps.
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