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Does anyone have an HP-46 printer for parts?
05-21-2017, 06:29 AM
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RE: Does anyone have an HP-46 printer for parts?
Duane, thanks for your contribution.

I restore as a hobby high quality tape decks, so I am quite familiar with precision mechanics.
However I seldom had difficulty like in this case.

I did unscrew the two drum screws, but since the whole thing did not move one single micron, I thought it would be better to leave things alone. Of course I took several pictures before attempting to do anything. My observations regarding the drum alignment in respect to the magnet right now are exactly the same as yours.

I tried to align the double gear assembly countless times now and, although I seem to get pretty close (CLEAR printing, but not anything else, some other symbols printing OK), I still haven't made it yet.

I checked the 15v test point and it is OK. A little more than 15v while the printer is idle (but running), close to no alteration during printing.

What I am beginning to think is that the standard alignment is only a "rough" alignment and it must be refined in some way. I am trying to understand how.

A scan of the pages of the manual regarding the printer would be great, and greatly appreciated. Of course, when I restore my Naks to original specs, I start from there.

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