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[SOLVED] LNAME - exctracting variables from stringed expression?
01-16-2017, 03:05 PM (This post was last modified: 01-16-2017 03:35 PM by DrD.)
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RE: [SOLVED] LNAME - exctracting variables from stringed expression?
I mentioned the LOWER("Expression") idea, hopefully, to be useful to all who might benefit from such things as cut and paste, from on line activities.

For example, an objective function, with several related constraint inequalities, were part of some problems I have been working with recently. I was able to quickly paste them, as found, into a prime program using that technique. In my program it was necessary to use the LNAME command, (and several other CAS commands), to eventually accomplish the desired result.

It often happens that when information is requested in this forum, it might already exist from previous posts. The 'trick' is how to quickly search for it. Assuming my contributions are at all useful, there may be some future value in sharing details. I have found that sometimes a specific answer doesn't quite reveal enough information to resolve the real underlying problem, and often the help resources don't provide quite enough.

I have found this forum to be quite a valuable resource, thanks to the very knowledgeable people here!
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