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HP 50g Limit Help
02-23-2017, 05:59 AM
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HP 50g Limit Help
Greetings everyone!

I cannot get my HP 50g to find the limit as X approaches 0 when...


When I try to solve it on the calculator, regardless if in AOS or RPN, I always get the response "Insufficient order" from the calculator and puts a "?" as my answer. I know the problem has an answer because I solved it by hand. The answer is 1/24.

I have been able to find every limit I have encountered with my HP 50g until now so this is a very unexpected problem that surfaced. I have spent about 30 minutes trying to figure it out but came out with nothing. Therefore, I am hoping I can count on everyone's help here at the Museum, especially since I don't have anymore time to spend on this issue. (College. Need I say more?). Plus, it's getting rather frustrating but I just got to keep remembering that it's problems like these that makes me learn more about my HP 50g.

Thank you all so much in advance!
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