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hp48 working with large lists
03-05-2017, 01:39 AM
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RE: hp48 working with large lists
(03-04-2017 11:57 PM)Han Wrote:  I presume that you don't actually need a duplicate copy (in exploded form) of the original list (since it would be impossible under RAM limitations given your description of the issue). Is it not feasible to only extract the elements you need? Or what about an alternative: instead of duplicating the list, why not just refer to the list's contents by their index

Hi Han, Thanks for the reply.
Yes that is correct I can't afford a duplicate copy due to memory. In fact I purge the variable the list was stored in after recalling to the stack. So the only copy of the list is on the stack.

My understanding is that if you have a large list or composite object that isn't stored anywhere if you have an extracted element (via # GET) the entire list is kept in memory as long as that element exists. (ref William Wicks 'HP48 Insights PART I: PRINCIPLES AND PROGRAMING' Section 11.6 Composite Objects and Memory'). So if the element I'm extracting to modify is larger than available memory and there are other elements also larger than memory I can't modify one of the large elements and recreate the list without running into memory problems.

Was hoping there would be a SYSRPL solution that would explode a list without creating reference to the old one.
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