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HP ProBook 4540s time indicator problem
03-01-2014, 03:45 AM
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HP ProBook 4540s time indicator problem
Hopefully this is not to far afield, but the following is sort of curious. I recently acquired the above referenced HP lap top computer, running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OS. Seems a great improvement over my old HP Pavilion, running XP Home Edition SP 3. Problem is that with new machine, the time indicator at lower right corner of screen is 3 hours earlier than local time. I've reset the time several times, it will hold for a couple of days, then it reverts to 3 hours slow.

Yesterday, I got on the phone HP tech support m which is located in India, a least that was the location of two people I spoke with, after being shuffled around to several different departments or individuals. Spent about an hour on the phone, going through updating of BIOS, possibly some other things too, to no avail. Time indicator is still 3 hours slow.

After this experience with India based tech support, which seems to leave something to be desired, I'm find myself curious re the possibility of direction or suggestions here. Actually, I find no operational problems caused by the referenced time difference, however I am curious, as it seems that this should be a simple fix, especially re a computer purchased new in December 2013. HP's India based technical support was less han helpful, sad to note. Ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

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