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Longest computation that your calculator performed for you?
03-30-2017, 06:51 PM (This post was last modified: 03-30-2017 07:32 PM by pier4r.)
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Longest computation that your calculator performed for you?
Inspired by my current problem with the hp 50g I wonder what is your experience.

For computation I mean some solved problem through the calculator that was valuable to you, for your work, passion, curiosity, whatever.

I do remember that normally the problems that I solve (and solved pre 2013) with the hp 50g last normally some minutes in the average case (numeric solver, graphing), and max an hour for some userRPL program or library..

Once I tried an extended version of the savage benchmark (not something really useful for me), and after 3 days it was not finished. Then I plugged the plug because well it was not worth it (and poor batteries once again).

So actually it is the first time that the hp 50g is crunching for 20 hours straight for something that I actually care and I do not know if it will finish in the next minute.

With the sharp el506w the longest computation was around some minutes for an integral (numerical integration with very small steps) and with the casio algebra fx7400 plus it was half an hour for a non trivial graph, graphing on that machine was quite slow.

Then I also have a ti 89 that a fellow in the university decided to give it to me because "you are always playing around with the hp 50g (note 1), while my ti 89 is sitting in a drawer, would you like to have it?", that was pretty a nice memory. But since I did not finish burning my 50g the Ti89 saw very little usage. I know that it can do a lot though, especially with the large codebase on .

(note 1) at that time I discovered - a knowledge at the moment lost for me - how to export equations from the hp 50g instead of typing them in mathML - that is a pretty neat system - in word 2007. I typed the formulas in the equation editor and they were (and are) just beautiful, then somehow I produced a large enough GROB from those formulas, moved to the pc and converted to a picture (png/jpg). They fit neatly in some digital notes that I shared and it was way faster than before (doing everything with word and visio).

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