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Longest computation that your calculator performed for you?
03-31-2017, 09:41 AM
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RE: Longest computation that your calculator performed for you?
(03-31-2017 08:35 AM)Garth Wilson Wrote:  Thankyou! I've heard of reddit, but I'm not familiar with it.

Yes the slide rule is the 3rd article that I read, and of course those articles takes time. Quality takes time in general. If you were writing spam, it would take less time. Anyway since those articles takes time and shows quality, the site is nice!

Reddit is like a social network (text based), mostly focused on the last post. it is not so great for archives but it is interesting because every community can spin a subreddit (like a sub discussion place). So there are community that are focused on very interesting things (check askhistorians), although I prefer forums for quality posting and ability to extend the discussion.

This is your article link right now:

(note that, thanks to social networks with like/dislike like reddit, youtube and so on, one could statistically confirm that there is no way to make everyone happy. The % of upvotes is rarely hitting 100 for posts with more than 5 score, so please do not be annoyed by the fact that the post is not 100% upvoted)

@eried: well your approach is very similar to mine in the "little explorations" thread. I do not think it is bad, at least to get a first idea of the problem. (then one may optimize and use a closed formula, if it is known)

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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