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New (to me) HP 3421A DA/C Unit, some questions
05-13-2017, 03:42 PM
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RE: New (to me) HP 3421A DA/C Unit, some questions
(05-13-2017 08:52 AM)Garth Wilson Wrote:  139 "ACV;R,5,.02" \ Tell it to get ready to measure AC voltage with a maximum of 5V input and give .02% (1mV) precision
140 OUTA \ (This sets the range and number of digits.)

This doesn't look right as the 2431A and 3468 both have ranges of the form, 3*10^X. This makes it easy to remember the advanced range commands. Referring to the Operating and Programming Guide, p.87, if the "F1R0" command is sent as in Post #7 this will set the 3421 to DC Volts and the range to, 3*10^0 = 3V.

Referring to the manual:
ACV sets the 3421 to AC Volts, Autorange ON, Autozero ON, and 4.5 digit resolution.
R by itself does nothing and if combined with the 5, which looks like an invalid range command, is ignored.
.02 is also ignored. The ACV command will accept a channel list, but those are integers.

Garth, since you have HP-IB, are you sure this program isn't for a different instrument as the commands are very different?

Q: What HP DMM has a 5V range?

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