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Programmable Calculators: The First Generation
05-25-2017, 03:20 PM
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RE: Programmable Calculators: The First Generation
(05-22-2017 02:26 PM)Gene Wrote:  2) The SR-52 card reader cannot record data registers per se.

The information in point 1 above points out the trick that was used to save data registers to a program card.

Gene, thank you very much for the detailled explanation. I was quite sure the SR-52 did not have a dedicated read/write data feature, but then I read a 1976 TI flyer that says it can do so: "And you can record up to 28 data registers onto blank magnetic cards. Read them back in later." Obviously this claim requires some fine print with the details which have obviously been, err... "forgotten" those days. #-)  BTW, was this way of writing/reading data officially documented in detail in the SR-52 manual?

Anyway, this sets the HP67's card reader even more apart from the SR-52's from the previous year. So the technical progress that could be observed from one generation to the next becomes even more clear.

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