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Which calculator would you reccomend?
05-26-2017, 09:17 PM
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RE: Which calculator would you reccomend?
(05-26-2017 06:33 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  
(05-26-2017 02:37 AM)lemontea Wrote:  PocketCAS, and Prime. (I think maybe the TI-NSPIRE also uses it but who cares about that one!)

Not in the "normal" version of the calcualtor. That is still based on Derive (but basically hasn't been changed/improved in any meaningful way since about 1995). There is a "jailbroken" version that you can run xcas on the nspire though. That is what you're thinking about.

Quote:Like I said, for powerful stuff, we can use CAS nowadays. So, don't need to get a super powerful super fast calculator.

Don't forget the Prime free apps as well for the various app stores. The CAS will be fully functional in all of those.

Tim just to clarify, you mean XCAS is not on the Prime, or not on the N-Spire?
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