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Why HP 42S for Electrical Engineering?
06-01-2017, 07:02 AM
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RE: Why HP 42S for Electrical Engineering?
If my memory serves me well, the 42S may be the first (and only) hp RPN machine with fully integrated support for complex matrices. In this respect, neither the 15C nor the 41 (with any hp module) can compete here, they cannot, for example, compute the determinant of a complex matrix, although they can solve a system of linear, complex equations.

Also, although being a big fan of the wp34s, it cannot compete with it in this respect.

Being an EE, I bought my first hp machine (a 28C) when at the university just to solve circuits, it was, then, the only calculator fully supporting complex matrices. Later I switched to the 48SX and to the 42S. Nowadays, not needing such capability anymore, I rely on both the wp34s and DM15L for my everyday work, assisted by a 48GX (in fact by an Android emulator) when dealing with units.

So, IMHO, the 42S may be, really, the best RPN machine for EE students.

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