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Why HP 42S for Electrical Engineering?
06-01-2017, 12:37 PM (This post was last modified: 06-01-2017 12:39 PM by Logan.)
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RE: Why HP 42S for Electrical Engineering?
I'm a EE (PE) and use the 42s exclusively as my desk calculator, though honestly I use the computer for most things.

The main advantages for EEs is its complex number format and its matrices handling. The programming capability is outstanding too, I just programmed multiple radar equations in the other day so I could see the attenuation effects of rain and etc. and all in a few minutes while in a meeting Smile

For a practicing EE, I personally think graphing calculators are overkill and needlessly cluttered. For more complex things I'm going to use MATLAB or Excel, I just need a robust scientific calculator for hand calculations.

But for a student, the 50g is certainly more capable and will have its own advantages in being able to graph and check integrals. I used a TI-89 in school and being able to solve simultaneous equations (in any format) was certainly the main advantage I saw. Graphing something during the exam was another.
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