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Why HP 42S for Electrical Engineering?
06-02-2017, 01:07 PM (This post was last modified: 06-02-2017 08:02 PM by Luigi Vampa.)
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RE: Why HP 42S for Electrical Engineering?
On my desk at work, and literally every day, I use a Free42 incarnated in the body of a Kindle Fire 7" + Android 5.1 OS, no FireOS :P The total budget was €49*. Although you can't enjoy the tactile feedback of the keys, the level of details in the retina skins are a joy to the eye, even with this tablet's 1024x600 pixels 'a la cheapo' display.

Regarding my HP48sx and HP28s... well, too-high sentimental value in both of them, so I keep them safe and sound. HP50g's SolveSys program makes it a dream for any engineer, but I use the HP50g virtual calculator to run the programs I write at home with my physical calculator. I seldom, if ever, take my HP50g out of home, because I don't want to pack more stuff in my backpack:
- Laptop + charger
- Tablet (meant to run 'ol reliable Free42) + compact charger
- Raspberry Pi 3 (meant to simulate number-crunching designs in Mathematica) + battery pack

I work as EE for a Chinese engineering company and my colleagues from China aren't used to RPN at all. The ease of use of Free42's solver is what is most striking to them! :O) Besides, Free42 handles problems in complex domain just 'out of the box', there is no need of additional modules or programs.

*[EDIT] Plus Thomas' Free42 donation.

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