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Recreating Woodstock (67)
07-27-2017, 05:51 AM
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RE: Recreating Woodstock (67)
iThanks for the offer ! you see the thing is not that I haven't written any display interpreter, it is a bit complexer:

The code I posted works at 520 kHz, it has display output, as one can see in the pictures, you can write programs, run programs and so on. I can send you a board too if you want. You need a DOGM132 (boght it at Reichelt) The FPGA and voltage regulator by Mouser and the metal domes as you saw above at aliexpress (sadly I bought only 100). I wanted a development platform for more models, nut and saturn based. Sadly for the small Saturn based there are no ROMs, so I am partially writing my own . Saturn code is very compact. All math routines fit in like 4 kBytes, amazing.

The 32 kHz development tree, so to say, misses display output because I haven't done it yet. I was more interested to see if I could get the processor running without impacting the "user interface" by trying to reach the minimum 3200 ops/s like the original 67. It runs at about 6000 ops/s, maybe a bit more, ifs are 6 clocks long.
This code hasn't been posted yet because it is not finished and would need another board:
A Text display instead of a graphics display and an external 32 kHz oscillator.

The refresh of the graphic display at 32 kHz would be a bit slow, I have to test it. A line needs 125 bytes at 32 kHz would need like 30 ms... it is doable, it runs in parallel anyways.
I got sidetracked rewriting the code in VHDL, and getting the tools up and running. I still like the liberty you get with verilog Smile.
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