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Max thermal paper diameter for 82240B?
06-02-2017, 06:30 AM
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RE: Max thermal paper diameter for 82240B?
Oops! I was beat to it!

The 82240B manual states to use HP82175 paper, which is 85' long. Anymore its a fairly safe bet, if the thermal paper is of the correct size, (2-14"x85') its OK. Especially if the paper is a major name brand it should be safe to use.

Many archived posts here were about HP's 82035 & 82175 paper. There was abrasion issues between the two papers, depending on what device it is used in. I've even contacted a OEM paper manufacturer about differences in thermal paper.

For a fair amount of time most all manufacturers comply with the IBM Testing Process for thermal paper:
"The IBM® Testing Process is an "Industry Standard" test for the thermal papers used in the marketplace. To be IBM® approved, the paper must pass a 100km of paper printhead test without abrasion or build-up, with no cutting failures. IBM testing only confirms that the use of approved papers will not negatively affect the operating life of an IBM thermal printer."

Many sellers (Amazon, Staples, eBay, etc....) will state their paper conforms with the IBM standard and have the above blurb. The IBM process is a whole host of things, abrasion, physical durability, chemical content, etc., etc. So a conformity statement may not refer to all compliance sections. But any I've seen to mention the above abrasion compliance.

IBM proposed this standard because there was industry wide print-head wear problems amungst other issues, depending on the paper brand. Generally, I believe the standard has been around over 10 years(?).

I use PM Company PMC05233, which is a 3 roll pack (2-1/4"x85'). Many office supply places have it. It can be found on that auction site with buy it now varying anywhere from $1.00/roll to $5.00/roll. It does comply with the IBM standard.

100Km is 62.5 miles; 330,000 feet (3882 rolls).... probably way more than most people use. In the last few years I've gone through only one 85' roll myself in a HP-97. The comment being, most people will probably not be affected by abrasion issues with modern paper in their lifetime. But the whole abrasion thing rubs me the wrong way. (no, a pun was not intented) (but still sounds good)
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