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Max thermal paper diameter for 82240B?
06-02-2017, 08:59 AM (This post was last modified: 06-02-2017 09:01 AM by Duane Hess.)
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RE: Max thermal paper diameter for 82240B?
Hi Dieter:

You're not missing anything.

I forget this is an international forum. I'm in the USA, so USD. Referenced "TAS" as it would be familiar to most. However, a good name for that site is "expense-Bay". Many things are a bargain, but most of what I want is far from it.

I use PMC paper because about 7 years ago someone here said they used it. An office equipment store I go to carries it. Its about USD $0.70/roll in the 3-pack. Interesting, a retail "brick and mortar" store you walk in to and its 70 cents. Must be the not-online discount.

Likely virtually all manufacturers will be just as good. From what I understand, no standards committee declared IBM's methods a standard. Its a "defacto" standard paper manufacturers adopted due to industry pressure from the plethora of paper quality variances of years ago.

In "stored in the house" environments, I have thermal paper where the image is still readable after 5 years. Stuck in a drawer, of course, i.e. dark. I also have the original HP paper made 40+ years ago and it still prints fine, but does fade way faster. The PMC paper I bought is over 5 years old and still looks/works fine.

Glad you mentioned paper weight. I might scope out a new brand. The PMC paper is quite thin & flimsy, in my opinion. Its somewhat hard to feed into 91/92/97's, but OK once you got it in.

Telpar is a printer manufacturer. There is a simplistic list of storage/stability points on the 2nd page of the following link. It corresponds with what you mentioned:
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