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Who wants a new printing HP-42s?
06-13-2017, 09:35 PM
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RE: Who wants a new printing HP-42s?
(06-13-2017 07:08 PM)Dave92F1 Wrote:  No, I hadn't heard. That's fantastic.

Now I just need a printer for it (ideally with some kind of housing to make it all one unit).

It should be compatible with HP-82240A/B

(06-13-2017 07:08 PM)Dave92F1 Wrote:  Do you have a contact for the people building it?

(06-13-2017 07:08 PM)Dave92F1 Wrote:  I just watched the video. It's a shame about the way they implemented the register display. Byron Foster's method on the iPhone is much nicer (they should look at it!).

But I suppose we'll all have our nitpicks and preferences about the way things "should" be done. It's minor.

UI is currently under improvement. It should be possible to use part of the screen as a virtual printer. And more...

(06-13-2017 07:08 PM)Dave92F1 Wrote:  Is there a AC power input?

No, USB power and data connection. CPU jumps from 24 to 80MHz when connected.

(06-13-2017 07:08 PM)Dave92F1 Wrote:  Do they plan to release source code so we can hack/modify/improve it?

They have to, for the Free42 implementation. Not so for the underlying OS.

(06-13-2017 07:08 PM)Dave92F1 Wrote:  I'm thinking it would be great to have a case/printer/OLED display module the thing slips into, so when you have AC power you get an illuminated display and printer, but can pop it out and use it portably when you want.

Nice ideas, please share them with Michael!


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