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41CL chips going EOL - how many 41CL boards are desired in the future ?
06-16-2017, 02:58 AM
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RE: 41CL chips going EOL - how many 41CL boards are desired in the future ?
(06-15-2017 10:12 PM)Monte Dalrymple Wrote:  
(06-15-2017 09:55 PM)Sylvain Cote Wrote:  Last question, about the enclosing case, will you offer the 3D printed case parts and if not, are the following HP-41 3D printed module parts will be compatible ?
HP-41 Mod Top :
HP-41 Mod Bottom :


That case should work, and it's the one I would offer to use with the board. However, there is still the problem of the connector. I have been assuming that a donor connector would be used, because I don't know how to get one made (it was clearly custom for HP.) I know, that means destroying a module, but the same thing was required for the Clonix, so I figure it's what I'll have to do also.

The problem of the module connector has bothered me for some time. Having gained experience with flex circuits though, I think they'd be a viable solution to replacing the stock connector. A flex could have gold contacts with the correct width and spacing to match the copper fingers of the stock connector, then narrow down at the other end to some standard width for the PCB, like 0.1" (or 2mm for the rest of the world Smile ) The flex could be optionally bonded to a stiffener, the better to attach some foam tape that would sit between flex and module housing. The foam would press the flex contacts against the I/O block flex contacts for an electrical connection. There would be two flex circuits to match the upper and lower copper contact fingers.

The key would be pressing the flex PCB contacts at the other end of the flex against the module PCB. I can imagine some sort of U-shaped hard spring material that would fit in the module slot reserved for the stock connector, that would hold the two flex contacts against each side of the PCB, and would serve to align the flex contact in the module shell so that they are correctly aligned with the I/O block flex contacts. Alas, though I have passing experience with CAD, I know nothing about 3D printed part design. I do have this on my round-tuit list and wouldn't mind dropping a Benjamin on the flex part. It would have to be in a cause greater than dumb curiosity though.

Speaking of the v5 board and desktop idea, you can connect the CL board to a motherboard now, power it from a 5V wall wart, add printer, two line graphic backlit display for X and Alpha register, LEDs to illuminate annunciator cutouts, add a more modern I/O bus, and some phat Cherry MX keys. Sorta ties into the other thread on a 42S desktop, right? Count me in as a v5 customer (can only afford one though!)


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