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41CL chips going EOL - how many 41CL boards are desired in the future ?
09-20-2017, 03:14 AM
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RE: 41CL chips going EOL - how many 41CL boards are desired in the future ?
(09-19-2017 11:27 PM)Jlouis Wrote:  I'm in for a one time module.

As for the board, I have some pretty basic questions:

1- How dificult is to assemble the board on the 41? Is there a step by step, with pictures, on how to do it?

2- I have a 41c fullnut with correded contacts, so this cl pcb comes with the battery contacts too?

3- All the modules are in the memory of the board or we'll have to install through a pc, in this case, how we suppose to make the connection (hp-IL + pil-box)?

I know these questions are pretty obvious for you, so forgive me to be so late to the party!




I don’t have a CL board yet, but I think I can answer most if not all your questions. Members, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

1-Depending on which model you have, it’s quite easy to replace the board (providing you are careful when opening and putting back together the case of your HP41C and that you ground yourself to avoid any static electricity discharges).
If you have a later 41C without tall keys, just carefully lift and remove the original board drop in the CL board and carefully close the machine. Make sure to put back the middle shinier piece the right way as both sides are NOT symmetrical. If you do not order the serial interface, you’re done.
On the other hand, if you own a tall-key 41C, you will most likely have to remove the 2 hex nuts holding the board to the keyboard. Not a big deal there either, but just be careful when unscrewing those as the posts are fragile and may not accept the nuts back on. In that case, just put 2 o-rings in there place and put the case back on.
In case you can use the hex nuts again, YOU HAVE TO USE VERY THIN PLASTIC WASHERS between the CL board and the hex nuts to isolate them!! THIS IS IMPERATIVE or you will electrically damage the CL board!!
Also, if you have a tall-key version, you may or may not have to solder an extra cap to the display. If your machine has square display drivers, you will need this cap. If it has the round drivers, you’re just fine.
In any case, it’s really quite simple to mount the CL board. Just be careful and gentle.

2- No, the CL board does not came with a battery replacement assembly kit. However, if you’re in Europe, you can get a repair kit from here:

Or a pre-assembled new one from here:

3- Yes, all the modules are already loaded onto the board. However, you can update the board or install new modules as they become available through either the serial interface that you can also order as an option (requires a bit of soldering and installation) or using the HP-IL—>PIL BOX, I guess. But, as I don’t have a CL board myself yet, I may be wrong about that.

If you google it, or search this forum, you’ll find interesting posts and pictures about all this.

I hope this helps.

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