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HP-71B: Newbie Question
06-17-2017, 04:10 PM (This post was last modified: 06-17-2017 05:14 PM by smp.)
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HP-71B: Newbie Question
Hello all,

Now that I have my HP-71B all up and running with pyILPER, I continue to explore for additional hardware. I currently have one 4K RAM module, one 32K RAM module (currently acting as a ROM), and the HP Forth/Assembler module, all plugged into my front ports (1, 2, & 4). Is it possible to plug in a second 32K RAM module into my front port 3?

Yes, I was on the list for a FRAM71, but circumstances were not right for me when they became available, so I didn't get one. I recently contacted Hans, but he said there are no more available. That's pretty much the normal story for me - never in sync with what's going on. Sigh.

Thanks very much, in advance, for your patience and assistance.

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