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Is SciPy killing the Wolfram star?
07-21-2017, 12:56 PM
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RE: Is SciPy killing the Wolfram star?
(07-06-2017 10:03 PM)Luigi Vampa Wrote:  Google Trends: interest in SciPy vs. Wolfram Mathematica
Opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Dangerous conclusions ... if your omit the word "Wolfram" and just ask for "Mathematica" you see that interest in "Mathematica" are still about 25 times as high as in "SciPy".
On the other hand, if so more and more people are asking for information about "SciPy" this could mean that the documentation is poor while Mathematica's is good (indeed they are very good). I guess that the queries for "Microsoft Office" programs jumped up considerably when they omitted the printed and converted the locally installed documentation into worthless stuff some years ago.

Also interesting: if you ad the word "Matlab" to the comparison. All the others are dwarfed down to a single line in comparison.

Now add "HP prime" to the comparison with "NumPy" - whoa! Prime kills SciPy?

Statistics is a difficult beast to understand.

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