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[34S] Time diff. STO.00 vs. STO 00 ?
03-12-2014, 01:50 PM
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RE: [34S] Time diff. STO.00 vs. STO 00 ?
Hi Walter,

Why is it you always try to make me feel like a little school kid who didn't do his homework and is trying to hide behind the one in front of you? Alas, I did indeed read App. B but it did not give me the answers I wanted! App. B, should the author have been awake at the helm, should have read: "The 34s memory is one linear chipset where all memory is identical in clock speed."

Actually I learn a lot from you guys and I really appreciate this forum. But, Sir - Walter, where exactly does App. B discuss processing speeds of global, local, stack, FM, etc.? Nowhere ... and you will say that it is all the same so there was no need to mention that. But how am I supposed to know that? That's why I was reading App. B in the first place.

- Sikuq
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