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[Off-topic] HP Prime is for students... What about professionals?
10-16-2017, 11:31 PM
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RE: [Off-topic] HP Prime is for students... What about professionals?
Tim Wessman wrote in post# 10:
I think the more important question is "what is the real thing you want directories for?"

The HP50g calls them directories, the Ti89Ti calls them folders, even the Casio Prizm has folders available in their storage memory. To me, they are all one in the same, a place to organize a program that has external subroutines attached to it. You've provided the HP Prime with a huge memory, and no way to organize it. You've said that an APP is a folder, well, in my opinion, if that is the case, then when I open that APP for programming, I should see a list of subroutine names. Instead, I see the subroutine names plus the code for that subroutine. Essentially now, you've got one big program, which is absolutely no fun to edit on the calculator, especially if its over about 10k in size.

All I would like is a way that I can organize my HPPL programs (whether it be an APP with external subroutines in the APP folder, or a program with external subroutines, in a program folder). The directory structure on the HP50g and the folder structure on the Ti89Ti provide that ability, but the Prime has nothing (neither does the Ti84 series).

I don't mean this to sound harsh, but the question was asked.
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