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[Off-topic] HP Prime is for students... What about professionals?
10-17-2017, 09:18 PM
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RE: [Off-topic] HP Prime is for students... What about professionals?
I like the Prime, it is well designed, very powerful and easy to handle but as you may already know I recently bought a 50G because I had always liked programming in RPL and the resulting programs were easily groupable in directory objects. For maths I take the prime for fun the 50G. I have written some programs for the Prime, too and the point is, in my opinion, a lack of organisation. Some programs are in my prime only to be able to look up some clever or seldomly used features (UI-programming for example), others are often needed, some are only written to have them done... nearly the same as with the 48series, but there I can save these seldomly needed programs wherever I want, still in reach but out of sight. A somewhat cumbersome solution is saving programs like that in notes, but here it is the same, missing organisation, in the Content Folder of my connectivity kit I created folders : GUI, Games, Maths/Integers etc, so there my programs are organized and quickly retrievable, but to use them they must be transferred first...
primers idea seems to be interesting, each program may have a user-editable string property, the name of the "folder" which can be edited from the programs list and can be used to sort the shown programs, selected property first.
Another idea that can be combined to this one is an "Archive" in flash that can be browsed usind the memory manager, so a full directory system does not have to be implemented.
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