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Some math problems from video games.
08-25-2017, 03:32 AM
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RE: Some math problems from video games.
OK, it's Friday afternoon, let's generalize...

How about associating a repulsive force field with each enemy, e.g. through a set of potential functions V(i,|r-r_i|) that (presumably) decrease with the distance (|r-r_i|) to the enemy object (i). By allowing these to depend on (i) you can cater for different types (strengths, ranges,...) of enemies.

To escape your enemies' "force field" you would then simply follow "minus the gradient" of the total potential, just like water running downhill, to minimize the potential (threat)....

And you can make it fancier by allowing the potentials to depend on angles relative to the enemies' orientations (blind spots, direction of barrels?) as well.
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