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base conversion problems...
09-01-2017, 10:24 AM
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base conversion problems...
Converting between bases is something I need to do a lot of in embedded software. However, the HP prime makes it difficult. I don't have a problem with converting from other bases to decimal, but converting from decimal to other bases is the problem. Sure I can use convert, but thats way way too much work.
I tried highlighting a result and using shift-base (integer editor), but I can't seem to edit in any format other than the default base (which is set to hex) this is the most common base I use apart from decimal. Also, I read somewhere that the highlighted value should appear in the integer editor, but it doesn't.
Is there a fast way to convert from decimal to's such a fundamental operation that if it isn't there, it needs to be???????????
On just about every other calculator in the world, there are hex,oct,bin,dec buttons or menu options, and you type your number and hit the button and the number is converted....try it on the TI'll see what I mean....
It should be possible to convert from any base to any other base in 2 key presses. I don't mind typing #23h, but I need a way to convert that to any other base quickly. I don't even mind using an integer editor, if I can edit in any base...however, I think you'd be better off dumping the integer editor and putting in a menu with hex,oct,bin,dec functionality.
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