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Integral test for the Casio Fx-CG500
09-03-2017, 01:11 PM
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RE: Integral test for the Casio Fx-CG500
(09-01-2017 11:38 PM)Namir Wrote:  
(09-01-2017 09:56 PM)ijabbott Wrote:  These integrals also lock up my TI Nspire CX CAS. Well, there is a key combination to interrupt the calculation, but it seems to automatically restart the calculation afterwards. I had to use the reset button on the back!
Did you get a result on the TI NSpire?

No, I didn't. In "Approximate" mode it just goes forever. In "Exact" mode it just spits back the same integral.

For nInt(cos(x)*sin(4*x)/x, x, 0, 1000*pi), it did give an answer of 1.57071144416, but it took about 3m50s to do so!

For Gamo's integral, nInt(e^(x^3),x,0,6), it gave an answer of 5.9639380919e91 within a fraction of a second.

(I think the problem I had with it automatically restarting the calculation was some strange loop it got into as a result of me mashing the buttons. If you just hold down the "Home" button for a couple of seconds, it breaks out cleanly.)
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