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HP Prime Pro (1)
10-09-2017, 05:29 AM
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RE: HP Prime Pro (1)

The transfert is accomplished using the connectivity kit.
The documentation is provided as part of the connectivity kit (and I do admit that it could be better).

They are multiple steps:
1: install and start the con kit on your PC/Mac
2: in the con kit preferences, make sure that the IP networking is enabled.
3: start your HP Prime on your tablet/phone. make sure that the tablet is connected to the same network as your PC (most likely home network). go to the home modes/networking page (page 4). You should be able to select the con kit "network" there (will have the name that you specified in the con kit). Connect to it. The calculator should now show up in the con kit.
4) transfter the files that you want using drag and drop (multiple ways to do so).


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