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HP Prime Pro (1)
10-10-2017, 07:40 AM
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RE: HP Prime Pro (1)

For things to work, both systems (the PC and the tablet) have to be connected on the same IP subnet.

How it works under the hood:
The con kit will 'advertise' its presense using UDP multicast every 1 second.
The Prime pro app is listening on the same UDP port and should receive the advertisement and show the network on the calcualtor entwork list.

If it does not, and both devices are on the same subnet, then it is most likely because the UDP messages are not being sent or received.

This might be either because the connection is not active 100% of the time on one of the 2 devices (which apparently can happen for power saving reasons), or because some security features are blocking them (either at a firewall or router level, on any of the 2 devices)...

It is unfortunately very hard to diagnose the exact root cause of the problem remotely :-(

If you are technicaly oriented, you might be able to list the ports used by your systems and see if you can see any network trafic.

The system is using port:38812.
As you can see from the code comment bellow, choosing an IP port is a big problem :-(
// Port selection: A BIG issue!
// Most advices from the net tels you to use a port <1024 as they are less likely to be blocked by network administrators
// However, for some reason, mac os has decided that only root process can listen on port <1024, so we have a conflict here.
// Luckily enough, in our case, we are only interested in LOCAL networking (same subnet in most cases), and sub-nets are usually
// handled by 'dumb' network hubs, which are usually not configured to block anything.
// as a reson, we should be safe enough using a port with a number > 1024.
// I used the data at to find a 'large empty range' between 2 officially assigned ports and, sice that fell
// and use something aroudn the middle of it. Since the middle was a multiple of 100 (38800: more likely to be used by someone else), I added 12 to the result to get 38812.
// I then verified this port use and could not find anything.


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