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Finally acquired a Woodstock
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RE: Finally acquired a Woodstock
(01-11-2018 06:56 AM)mfleming Wrote:  The HP25 Owners Manual states that a rechargable battery pack should last from 2 to 6 hours. I've experienced battery life at the low end of that range with Eneloop rechargables.

The operating time in the manual refers to a capacity of 400...500 mAh as it was usual for NiCds in the Seventies. The Eneloops have 2000 mAh, i.e. at least 4x this capacity and thus 4x the expected operation time. So if you only get 3 hours from a correctly charged set of Eneloops something must have gone wrong.

(01-11-2018 06:56 AM)mfleming Wrote:  Alkaline batteries wouldn't last mich longer.

AA size Alkalines have a somewhat higher nominal capacity than NiMHs (2800 or 3000 mAh are typical values) but this does not always mean that the device can be powered 40 or 50% longer.

But again, if you say you can operate the calculator only 3 hours from a set of freshly and correctly charged AA Eneloops there definitely is something wrong. This would mean that the device constantly draws a current of 700 mA (!). How do you charge these batteries?

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