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Finally acquired a Woodstock
01-16-2018, 06:49 PM
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RE: Finally acquired a Woodstock
(01-09-2018 04:04 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  
(01-09-2018 03:48 PM)mfleming Wrote:  I'm using normal buttontop Eneloop cells and the replacement springs for the 41 battery case found on TAS. The battery holder snaps into the cavity with a nice fit and spring pressure keeps the batteries pressed tightly against the contacts inside. The holder requires a firm push downward to remove, so there's very little chance the holder will pop out of the calculator. The TAS springs use a thicker wire than the stock 41 springs and are almost fully compressed when the batteries are inserted.

Excellent, thanks for these details Mark. Gonna go get me one (well, 2).

Do you have a link or item # for the springs on TAS (or elsewhere)? I've done a few searches, and besides finding plenty of 41 battery cases (ranging up to $75+ !) I don't see a listing for just the springs. I'll search old posts as well; IIRC, Sylvain found some somewhere a couple years ago.

Update - Found it:

Does this look like it will work (often the strand that connects across the bottom is diagonal, this one is straight)?

Hey Bob:

Thanks for the link and info on the springs and contact pieces.
I was trying to get my 32E working (the battery was dead and charger wouldn't make it work.
SO I used a pair of Eneloops, and the contact piece I received in my order.
Boy, that's a tight fit. If I rotate/jiggle the batteries, I can get the display to work correctly.
If not, I only get sixes lit up in the display (top right segment in all LED numbers won't light.)

I need to monkey with it some more because there really isn't room fro the Eneloops and that connector piece.

At least I'll be ready for seeing if my father's woodstock will work when the 3-D printed battery holder arrives.

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