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Finally acquired a Woodstock
01-16-2018, 09:12 PM
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RE: Finally acquired a Woodstock
(01-16-2018 06:49 PM)larthurl Wrote:  Hey Bob:

Thanks for the link and info on the springs and contact pieces.
I was trying to get my 32E working (the battery was dead and charger wouldn't make it work.
SO I used a pair of Eneloops, and the contact piece I received in my order.
Boy, that's a tight fit. If I rotate/jiggle the batteries, I can get the display to work correctly.
If not, I only get sixes lit up in the display (top right segment in all LED numbers won't light.)

I need to monkey with it some more because there really isn't room fro the Eneloops and that connector piece.

At least I'll be ready for seeing if my father's woodstock will work when the 3-D printed battery holder arrives.


I'm a bit confused... this thread is primarily about Woodstocks (the battery case Mark made, the springs, etc.) but you're discussing a 32E (a Spice) - the battery mounting issues are not the same.

In a Spice, batteries with the button-top are usually too tight to fit and you can easily break or damage the fragile battery tabs. Be VERY careful using these batteries as the battery bay was designed for 'flat top' cells as found in the original Spice battery holder. DO NOT USE the battery contacts that came with the springs as they are too "tall" and will likely over-stress the spring contacts in the left side (seen from back) of the 32E battery bay. Use some flat sheet metal for that contact; you can even jury-rig a contact by folding some aluminum foil several times into a 3/4" long strip.

For Spice series, I would not use standard Eneloop button cells, I recommend the pre-made batteries you can find on eBay (like these), OR rebuild the original battery holder with some flat top NiCD or NiMH cells (e.g. like this) and simply wrap it with electrical tape.

--Bob Prosperi
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