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r12951 Connectivity Kit
11-10-2017, 11:09 AM
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RE: r12951 Connectivity Kit
Perhaps, CK designers are so close to their work, the only way they can read stuff is by using teensy print. Sad

Hmm, I'll try making this request in their accustomed font size: Smile

Dear CK creatures from the tiny conn kit planet;

Please note, this is neither a new request, nor a request for a new feature. Some earthlings, me, included, could use a larger font size for the CK. If two of you would stand on anothers shoulders, when eyes at the third level can easily read text on a CK being used by a third alien team member, occupying the lowest level, the font should be about right for our people.

We ask that you make it possible to zoom, change font size, or use a default font that is either user selectable, or just use a larger size, to accommodate this.
(Or send us a magnifying glass with the hp logo on it.)


-Peter Griffin-
(You know the guy)
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