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HP82144A DC charger for Spice (34C)
03-24-2014, 09:50 PM
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RE: HP82144A DC charger for Spice (34C)
(03-24-2014 12:49 PM)bugs1357 Wrote:  I am going to see if an IEC C7 connector fits it. At least I can then wire up a 12V DC plug pack to it and get it going.

Hm. You have this output cable that plugs into your 34C. Why don't you just connect this to a suitable AC adapter so that you can charge directly from 230/240 Volts? The site I linked to says the dedicated Spice charger is nothing but a simple AC/AC transformer. ;-)

BTW, although I have one or two Spice chargers, I prefer charging my 34C batteries (two regular Sanyo AA Eneloops) in an external charger - of course with automatic charge control. Fast, simple and the best you can do to a NiMH battery. You even get 4x the original capacity. And if you do not use your 34C every day there even is another benefit: these Eneloops have virtually no self-discharge.

Just my 2 Euro-cents,

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