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newRPL - build 1255 released! [updated to 1299]
10-27-2018, 11:32 AM
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RE: newRPL - build 1089 released! [update:build 1127]
(10-27-2018 10:45 AM)Vtile Wrote:  Really awesome that this journey of NewRPL continues. I feel a bit guilty not to contribute anything, but the new job have taken all the (nerdy)free time for too long.

That said I have installed the android version to my phone... Looks pretty nice so far.

I have a suggestion while trying to wrap my head around how everything works..

*Menus: I noticed that the LS will enable the "nxt..." softbutton to turn to "Prev". This is logical and do work as in stock 50g hardbutton. However would it be good that when you press the LS the text in the softmenu will change to ".Prev"? This naturally takes some memory resources out of more important things.
Another thing I do wonder is if there is go back to previous menu level. If not would it work if you press RS and "NXT.." Again maybe with changing text in softmenu.

Thumbs up Claudio and for others who work with this project.

I've always wanted to have the menus be completely dynamic when you press the shifts. Not just NXT but all menu labels updated when the shift state changes. The only reason I decided against it is that it not only needs redrawing, I need to call RPL programs for each label. Menu definitions in newRPL allow a program to be provided instead of text as a label. It will call the program to get the label every time it needs to be displayed. Calling all those programs every time the user presses a shift could slow down typing, when you have a large text it's already hard to keep up with scrolling and redrawing the text itself. In most cases menus don't use text as a label but the command itself, therefore the decompiler needs to be called every time we update the menus, and the decompiler is quite slow as well.
In the end I decided to prioritize quick response while typing over visual effects.
Perhaps I could do it as a long press on the shifts only, which would mean the user stopped typing and is waiting for the menus to show something. I'll give it some more thought.
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