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newRPL - build 1255 released! [updated to 1299]
01-01-2018, 03:06 PM
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(01-01-2018 08:16 AM)BarryMead Wrote:  I tried to compile with virtual box, but got entirely different errors.
I followed the instructions in the wiki precisely, and when you try to open a project
in qtcreator it says "No Valid Kits found".

I repeated the whole process 5-times including starting from a fresh virtual box Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit image downloaded from this site:
I installed all of the dependencies listed in the wiki and each time. I think this project is cursed.

Sometimes preinstalled images are minimalistic to reduce the download size. It's always best to download a DVD image directly from Ubuntu and do the install.
No Kits found is not what you get from a standard Ubuntu but it's easy to solve, QtCreator will let you know what's missing. Inside Qt Creator, go to Tools / Options / Build&Run (from the list on the left).
Go to the Kits tab, and select the Autodetected -> Desktop. On your system it might show a warning icon next to it if there's something missing.
The important parts are the compiler, make sure there's a C and C++ compiler selected, otherwise you need to install the gcc and g++ packages on your system.
There's also a couple of options for the debugger, as long as it's not empty you should be OK, if it's empty you need to install a gdb package.
Since you installed from the Qt installer, it should pick up the Qt library automatically, but sometimes your system might have another one (which is intended to run programs, not to develop, so it's incomplete), try selecting another one from the drop-down list to see if there's more than one.
If you do have a compiler, debugger and Qt version installed for sure and is not being detected (weird, but could happen I guess), you can go into the respective tabs and manually add the paths to the executables, which you can find out by doing on a terminal:

which gcc
which g++
(for the compiler)

which gdb
(for the debugger)

which qmake
(for the Qt library)

That should give you the paths that Qt Creator needs to know. Once you get your kit working, you'll be able to build.

(01-01-2018 09:42 AM)pier4r Wrote:  little "unpopular" opinion. If someone wants to give up, one is free to do it. Your time is your time.

I write this because I have the perception, and it can be completely wrong, that Barry is trying a lot to justify that he is not giving up. In my opinion it is completely fine to give up.

On the contrary, I have the perception that he is not giving up, rather than just trying to justify it. From my point of view he sounds frustrated, which is understandable, but not hopeless (it's hard to guess emotions from text, isn't it?). If he took the time to do the VM install, he hasn't given up at all, and I feel it's my obligation to try and help him until he does. Compile troubles are not fun for anybody, and I'm not really sure why he's having trouble but I'll do anything to help, I know after the struggle always comes the satisfaction of the job done, and the fun playing with it.
From Barry's own words, he is looking for a great level of integration between the simulator and the physical device. newRPL has more integration than all the other projects he tried, because you basically get the 2 calculators freely "remote-controlling" each other, which is fun to play with and not something that's been done before.
Barry just wants to have fun with newRPL, and he eventually will, but bear with the struggle. If it bothers other people, we can continue the struggle in private.
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