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newRPL - build 1255 released! [updated to 1299]
03-02-2018, 07:33 PM
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RE: newRPL - build 1001 released! [update:build 1046]
(03-02-2018 03:20 PM)Harald Wrote:  I am still trying to get my head round how newRPL works, so please be patient with me Smile

I understand that a trailing decimal point indicates that a number is aporoximate rather than exact. So if I devide 5 by 3, I get a trailing decimal point.
I can also enter the trailing decimal point thus telling the calculater the number is aproximate by entering 5. rather then 5. If I devide 5. by 10, I get, as expected 0.5. .
Now if I try the same with a complex number (0,5.) and dived that by 10, I get (0,0.5). Is that a bug? Or am I missing something?
I'll have to investigate. On complex you should expect to get some unexpected approximated numbers (because of internal operations) but an approximated number becoming exact has to be a bug.

(03-02-2018 03:20 PM)Harald Wrote:  Next question: how do I enter single " ' "? Edit: I take that question back, that was stupid, it is in the same location it is on the 50g, that just wasn't obvious on my 39gs...

And how do I enter commands? I have created a variable that I wanted to get rid of. On the 50g I would have entered:


How do I do this with newRPL? Purge seems to be treated as text... Edit: found that one too, I entered it lower case rather than upper case because alpha mode on the 50g is different from newRPL.

Is there a manual, or is everything in the wiki?
The manual IS the wiki. A work in progress, but it's slowly growing. Since most commands are compatible with the 50g, the AUR helps a lot. Look at the detailed project status for a list of commands implemented, if marked green they are fully compatible with the 50g command so use the AUR, if not then it's the wiki or ask me in this forum.

(03-02-2018 03:20 PM)Harald Wrote:  And last but not least, I wanted to download the emulator from sourceforge, but sourceforge appears to be down. Is that just me? Can anyone access sourceforge?

Sourceforge is having huge problems in the last few days with a DDOS attack apparently. It's down, way down.

(03-02-2018 03:20 PM)Harald Wrote:  Edit: and a new question, is "pi" (the symbol, not the two letters) not predifined to be 3.1415...?

Constants are not implemented yet, you can use pi0 as a workaround for the time being.
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