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How do you use your calculator(s)? (or did*)
12-17-2017, 03:38 PM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2017 03:38 PM by DA74254.)
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RE: How do you use your calculator(s)? (or did*)
There is a thread here. I remember it because it was the very first one I made a post in Smile

"How and why do you use your HP calc?"

Since the only "redefinition" of how and why in my case is due to the aquirement of the SM DM42, I guess the DM wil be used the most for the mentioned fuel calculations along with the free42 app.

Mainly the CAS is used with the Prime. The "exact" RPN calculations has been performed with the 50G and I've used the 35S for "easy programming".
As of now, I guess the DM42 will be the main workhorse for astronomy, geography and electronics computations with the Prime for CAS and graphs.

The 50G (and the 28S) will always be held "in good shape" and used every now and then. I guess my 49G+ will be the newRPL playground.

Here's my original post in the other thread:

Quote:Actually not my first post here on the forums, but I've absolutely lost and cant recall neither my nick, nor my pwd, so a "new" username..

Anyway, Why, what and where:
I am a ships engineer (working in the engine room).
My very first HP was a 28s, which I bought used from a friend when studying to chief engineer in '92-93. I still have that one, though my collection has increased significantly.

At work (for fuel calculations and other "engineering" calculations) I shift between my Prime and the Free42 on my phone.
At home, for my hobbies (electronics, astronomy and general math "playing") I use any of my calcs in no particular order. I actually love the CAS on the Prime (even though it's not RPN), but use my 28s, 50G and 35s, whichever is closest to my hands when needed.

On my PC/Laptop I use Maxima ( and for astronomy MICA (

As a hobby, I frequently program all my calcs

28s, 35s, 49G+, 50G, Prime G1 HW A, Prime G2 HW D, SwissMicros DM42
Elektronika MK-52 & MK-61
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