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Alternative to Ubergraphx?
01-06-2018, 06:33 PM
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RE: Alternative to Ubergraphx?
(01-06-2018 02:38 PM)pier4r Wrote:  Interesting. Do you mind sharing a review? Is it worth it?
Although for the prime I have already an android tablet (I love the fact that the prime runs natively on android, win, mac).

(12-17-2017 08:49 PM)Accutron Wrote:  Right now, the GPD Win is probably the best device of this type.

The thingy has more ram than all my thinclients (what I normally use, like now) put together at home.

Well, we have to distinguish between two kind of reviews: the device one and the behaviour with hp emulators.

About the first one, there are tons of reviews out of there, you can view the written posts or youtube´d. You´ll notice the main purpose is playing games and how to run them as fast as possible. Anyway if you want another handheld focused on working tasks, maybe your device is GPD pocket, better keyboard, no pads, 7"inch screen but not so comfortable in your pocket.

About emulators. First, you have to know this machine has to be tuned from the very first time. There are lots of tweaks guides to read, for better performance or more comfortable usage. It took me 4 days to adjust mine.

But here are the good news. Tweaking for using emulators is not as hard as for playing games. Only the most important part is choosing the correct resolution screen, to fit to your view skill. Then choose the best skin for that resolution. And if you want, you can create your custom one (haven´t tried it). The performance is like a PC, very fast.
Finally, about usage, well, it´s not suitable for creating programs, but it´s enough for typing commands. Almost all emulator buttons are represented on the physical keyboard. That´s the advantage compared to a tablet for example. With the keys, touch panel and built-in mouse you have everything to reach where you want.

Remember, this device is the first handheld with Windows 10 that fits in your pocket. Imagine what you can install in a Windows 10 system: endless possibilities.
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