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wp34s emulator - prgm constant split one digit per line
12-27-2017, 06:46 PM (This post was last modified: 12-27-2017 07:06 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: wp34s emulator - prgm constant split one digit per line
(12-27-2017 06:18 PM)mstram Wrote:  When trying to enter a constant 0.10001, for a subsequent ISG instruction, the
emulator is only allowing one digit / program line.

The program does work (when I trace it the number is getting "assembled" back together).

W)orking A)s D)esigned ?

Yes. The 34s does not combine multiple digits into one program line like the HP41 or 35s do it. In this regard it works like the classic programmables, e.g. the 67 or 34C: one digit, one line. Including the decimal point, EEX and +/–.

But there are some ways to do it differently:

1. Integers between 0 and 255 can be entered in one line by means of the CONST menu. The last entry there is "# 0 to 255". This way you can enter a number like 123 in one single program line. This even makes sense with single-digit numbers since these shortcut numbers (shown with a leading # sign) are executed faster than regular numbers.

2. Take a look at the SDL and SDR commands (in the X.FCN menu) that shift a number by a given number of decimal places to the left or right. So if you want to enter 0,0123 this can be done with #123 followed by SDR 004.

3. ISG, ISE, DSE and DSL do not need an increment/decrement in the 4th and 5th place of the control number. If none is given, these commands assume a delta of 1. So if you want to count from 0 to 100 you do not have to enter 0,10001 – a simple 0,1 will do. That's just two steps ("," "1"). And of course you can also use the SDL/SDR method and do it with #001 SDR 001.

4. Be creative. If, for instance, you want something like 3000001 you can try #003  SDL 006  INC X. Or create a 426 with #213  STO+X. Or...

5. In a similar way you can only enter one alpha character per line. But you can have lines with up to three characters by pressing [f][α] twice in program mode.

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