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Saving the state of HP41 CL to PC
12-29-2017, 03:54 AM
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RE: Saving the state of HP41 CL to PC
(12-29-2017 02:33 AM)PeterP Wrote:  Angel, sorry to bother you but I'd love to get some user advice if at all possible. I have a V5 board, loading Lib4 into page 4, YFNX into page 7, and PWRX into page 8. I then perform this sequence:
Quote:Enter in programs, make assignments, save to XM
Enter "OKALL" into Alpha
SF 1
The first thing I notice here is that the display does not show 1FF but only 800>1FE. So I must be doing something wrong as it seems to only save the MM state of the machine. Any tips?

Second, when I want to retrieve the state, I do
Quote:Enter "OKALL" into Alpha
SF 1
Again, the program only shows '1FE' but not '1FF' which at this point is expected. However all I get is a "Memory Lost" with no content in my memory.

Please tell me what I am doing wroing.

@PeterP - Check the manual on pp. 55-56. While it says that it requires a V3/V4 board, I'm not sure if V5 is compatible as well (it did not exist when the manual was released).

1FE is the Flash Page that RAM page 800 is written-to, likewise with RAM page 804 written to 1FF. The FOCAL code on p. 56 shows this.

--Bob Prosperi
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