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Your favorite math reference book(s)?
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RE: Your favorite math reference book(s)?
A recommendable German title comprehensively covering all kinds of school math (and a bit beyond) is "Kleine Enzyklopädie Mathematik" edited by W. Gellert, H. Küstner, M. Hellwich and H. Kästner. Originally published by the former East-German Bibliographisches Institut, Leipzig, 1968, it was also licensed for publication by Western publishers like Pfalz Verlag and Verlag Harri Deutsch. Newer German editions exist (some under the title "Meyers kleine Enzyklopädie Mathematik"), but I haven't used them myself so I cannot comment on them. However, I have been told they are heavily reworked. I am not aware of an English translation of this book.

Another work I can recommend is Vladimir Smirnov's "Lehrgang der höheren Mathematik" in seven volumes, an expanded translation of the Russian original "Курс высшей математики" published by the former East-German Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, Berlin as volumes 1-6 of their series "Hochschulbücher für Mathematik", and licensed by Verlag Harri Deutsch for Western distribution. Last revised in 1994/1995, it is still available from Europa-Lehrmittel today (ISBN 978-3-8085-5572-9). Apparently, an English translation exists under the title "A Course in Higher Mathematics".

Yet another "classic" is Gregor Fichtenholz's "Differential- und Integralrechnung" (ISBN 3-8171-1418-4) in three volumes (as volumes 61-63 of the "Hochschulbücher für Mathematik" series). There never was an English translation, unfortunately.



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