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Use the Prime to Enlighten Everyone
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RE: Use the Prime to Enlighten Everyone
As the author of TI calculator tutorials published by Cengage / Thomson Learning for College Algebra, College Trigonometry, Precalculus, Finite Math. and Applied Calculus and new HP Prime Algebra Fundamentals and Ti-Nspire Algebra Fundamentals books the importance of Prime's multiple platform strategy for both professionals and students is welcomed, appreciated, and a hugh benefit for the HP Prime.

While coordinating technology; overseeing all online courses; teaching Finite Math online and in-class development math courses, technical and vocational math courses, various transfer college math courses, elementary teacher prep courses, and computer programming courses; it was easy to see that CAS instruction was beneficial to a large segment of the college's student population.

With the addition of the TI-89 success rates of near 100% in College Algebra, Finite Math, Calculus for Business, Social and Natural Sciences were achieved. The TI-89 was not required, class time of 12 minutes a day devoted to it, additional instruction and support in Blackboard learning system and office. However, by midterm about everyone in these classes purchased an Ti-89. When done with their math many kept their 89's but some sold them as well.

I have since retired. Tried to influence remaining math instructors toward HP Prime and TI-Nspire CAS.

The first two attachment are from my TI-89 Thomson Learning / Cengage publishing. The HP Prime Pro family would be necessary for adding some of the more complex calculus functions and library apps. For high school algebra, College Algebra, Finite Math the Free / Lite more than adequate. Need to add some CAS var functions. See Opening Post for finance CAS vars for Free / Lite.

See this post for pivmat. HP Prime pivmat does not need number of row.

The third attachment is multiple screens possible with TI-Nspire and HP Prime calculators. The TI-Nspire use copyright symbol for comments and has a Notes application to make it easier to document your work but cheapest cost is for iPad CAS version with different interface than the handheld. NO Android CAS version except third party where you must install your own roms. Free multiple platform uniform version for HP Prime out ways comments and notes as you can document Prime using a word processor with Prime screenshots.

Attachment four and five is taking word processor file and turning into HP Prime eBook and Print on Demand Book. Attachment five if you drop the #cas and #end lines it will work in Free / Lite as well.

See post for eBook and POD info.

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