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Happy Birthday to Me ...
12-31-2017, 06:27 PM
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Happy Birthday to Me ...
I bought my first HP calculator back in high school. That HP29C saw me through the start of my engineering undergrad before it was displaced by the HP15C I still use. My younger sister used the HP29C, but somewhere along the line it disappeared.
While running GO25C as my smart phone calculator (thank you Olivier De Smet!) makes me smile, I missed my HP29C. Haptic feedback on a phone doesn't compare to the feel of a real calculator.
Prowling auction sites, I finally chased an auction for a working HP29C my wife will give me for my birthday in a few weeks. Smile When I consider the $125 or so I spent in the late 70's is worth over $500 today, I feel better about the auction price. Wink
So, while I won't consider myself a collector, my personal stash has working HP15C, HP35S, HP33S HP49G+ and HP50G, and a few malfunctioning HP48 units I want to try and repair some day.
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