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Who needs the system's default calculator anyway?
01-03-2018, 07:43 PM
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RE: Who needs the system's default calculator anyway?
(01-03-2018 06:01 PM)TheKaneB Wrote:  The HP Prime emulator is so powerful yet easy to use that I've switched to it on my main development machine even for simple calculations that I used to do with the default Apple calculator program.

[Image: 2TDJhyU.jpg]

Here I put it in my dock, for quick access.

[Image: FAHkydL.png]

Who else did the same?

At home I use my physical HP Prime, but I don't want to carry it to work everyday, because I'm afraid of damaging or losing it, so I re-discovered the emulator which I never really used before, but now it's a valuable asset in my toolbox.

Question for the HP guys: is it ok for the emulator to be used at work from a license standpoint? I couldn't find any statement in the documentation about this topic, or maybe I didn't look well Smile

I must say that I completely replaced the use of Mathematica and WolframAlpha, since all my needs are covered by the Prime, and for more elaborate tasks such as serious data processing I will revert to C++ or Python coding anyway.

I don't have a dock or any boats or even a Mac.
But I put it in the Taskbar.
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