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New Casio fx-FD10 Chinese Pro
03-28-2014, 01:52 AM
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RE: New Casio fx-FD10 Chinese Pro
(03-28-2014 12:04 AM)Den Belillo (Martinez Ca.) Wrote:  Manolo;

From the parameters in the two examples on that page it looks like their program supports un-equal tangent vertical curves. That's so unusual that i can only think of one other example of it's implementation on a handheld. It's not very common on big iron either - so that's a feather in it's cap.

The small number of keys is forgiveable with menus because it leaves more room for a big screen on a small platform. Most users run canned programs the lions share of the time anyway, Me included. I like the clip for a lanyard too. What isn't forgiveable is the lack of RPN. I wonder if the keys are clicky. Many of the high end American data collectors, such as the Husky, have HP style keys.

What is the gun the have it working with? It looks like a Leica - in an ad for a Japanese calculator for the Chinese market.

Den, you got me. I'm a physicist (a lapsed particle phenomenologist I guess, doing mostly other unrelated things now). I know how Surveying looks like, but the details are some sort of voodoo to me (anyway, when I found out that you are using clothoids -we call that Cornu spirals- and why you would do that I said "Yes!", it was so cool that I had to tell all my pals about it.)

I just found lots of surveying programs for the 603P, 4850P, 5800P years ago when I was looking for information about them, as well as people using them complaining about the fragility of the 5800P hinges and it's lack of proper IO (you can't). I'm aware that many surveyors are still clinging to the 850P/880P in my area (I have one), and the lack of a standard PC interface (FA-6 is quite exotic) is an old trouble.

China appears to be an algebraic country, and there's little to do about it. That would be the first RPN Casio too, correct me if I'm wrong, so that's not really unexpected.

It looks like a smart move from Casio, apparently they're building highways over there like there's no tomorrow and then there are the staggering numbers of Chinese graduates every year, it might sell well.

I don't know about the keys, they should at least work, as Casio already has rugged phones, rugged cameras and the G-Shocks.

BTW What do you think of the backlit keyboard? I've never seen anything like that in a calculator. Besides the cool factor, is night Surveying that common?

(Un-equal tangent vertical curves, now I have to look it up... Damn, this forum makes procrastination too easy!)
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