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Downloading HP48 (SX or GX) Roms?
02-17-2018, 09:36 PM
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Downloading HP48 (SX or GX) Roms?
Back in the early days of EMU48 before HP released their roms you had to download your own rom to use it. I had discovered that if you had a software card installed it would include that in your rom.

I have recently picked up some cards which I would like to have as options in my emulator but don't remember which software to use. It was not the card duplicator, this method just included the cards in the rom image. Given that some cards like the TDS Survey Pro required special installation such as inserting in one port with the memory card in the other, running the installation software which installs on the memory card then switching ports and running the software it wouldn't be practical to just have a copy of the card.

Will the ROMDump wizard do this for me or do I need to use an earlier version? Will I need to use Dump2rom to convert it after download? I suspect I may have to dig out an old laptop to find a computer which still has a serial port, other than that and the serial cable will I need any other software or hardware?

It has been way too many years since I did this to remember many details of what I originally did, I am just hoping whatever software I used at the time is still available.


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