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What is the function of a MODERATOR
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What is the function of a MODERATOR
Is a moderator supposed to censor content, dominate thought?
Is a moderator superior to the lowly poster?
Is a moderator supposed to close down whole topics of discussion rather than discipline the bad actors?

I thought a moderator was supposed to step in and quiet discord.
I thought they were there to keep things peaceful not to CONTROL THOUGHT.
It is my belief that shutting down whole threads because of a few bad actors is OVER REACHING moderating.
It is especially wrong to ALTER THE ORIGINAL POSTERS CONTENT before closing down the thread.
The moderators on this forum are ABUSING their POWER.
They are not MODERATING they are DICTATING!

Even posts with controversial material self censored are now forbidden.

On this forum Freedom of Speech is Officially Dead.
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RE: What is the function of a MODERATOR
I think (i.e. my opinion only) if your OP was submitted without the baiting censor symbols, it would have been OK, no reports would have been sent, and no editing/locking/etc. would be needed. Clearly these are sensitive times here, in the wake of all that has happened recently, so I think it's best to just keep things non-provoking. Just my opinion.

Also, it does seem it makes the most sense to look for status about SwissMicros on their website or forum, right? Lots (!) of members here are also active there, and I predict that once some status is posted there, it will be reported here in about 30 seconds.

Finally, I too was hoping to hear something by now, in keeping with the last advertised date window. I believe it just means the job is bigger than they thought when they last posted... but maybe I'm just an optimist.

--Bob Prosperi
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RE: What is the function of a MODERATOR
Well it's obvious that no moderator is controlling anyone's thought. (Especially not the OP's.)

If you want to blame someone for dictating, please blame good old Dracon (me.)

I completely agree that Thomas can license his stuff however he pleases. I also understand that the other party may be in a bit of a mess (yes - apparently of their own making) and need some more time to sort it out. However, we really won't solve this here. I would like to take a break from licensing/GPL threads for awhile. Over the years, 3 people have demanded that I delete their accounts and in every case they were having an argument over GPL.

Now if the situation goes on for months, and they don't have a really good explanation for such a long delay, then I think it would be perfectly fine for Thomas to come back and let us know that.
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